Surf's up: Enhypen enjoys the ride with 'Orange Blood'

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Enhypen returns with a riveting new sound with its fifth EP "Orange Blood."

The members on Thursday held a press conference in Seoul, a day ahead of the album's release.

Member Jungwon said the album deviates from the team's iconic intoxicating music and exudes a "subtle sexiness."

Representing Enhypen's new sound on "Orange Blood" is "Sweet Venom," a groovy and chill punk-pop melody through which the members vow their eternal love.

According to Sunoo, it is an extension of the title song "Bite Me" from the previous album "Dark Blood."

"The melody is really addictive. When I first heard it I thought 'now this is a title song.' You can sing along to it the instant you hear it, and I think it's gonna make a hit," Sunoo said.

Jay has been credited as a lyricist for the song, his first time taking part in writing lyrics for the team.

"I've tried writing lyrics before, but then, I just wrote what I felt. This time, I focused on writing lines for the team. I looked through the lyrics of our past songs as well," Jay explained.

The album rolls out three versions of "Sweet Venom," the Korean version, an English version and a collaborative edition with American singer Bella Poarch.

"This is our first English song. We didn't simply translate but wrote new lyrics and melodies for the song," Jake said.

The album includes four other songs, "Mortal," "Still Monster," "Far Away" and "Orange Flower (You Complete Me)," which the members said all overflowed with different charms.

Not only the title song, but the whole album continues the story from "Dark Blood," the members said. The so-called "blood" series interweaves elements of Enhypen's original web-comic series "Dark Moon: The Blood Altar."

The keyword of "Orange Blood" is "carpe diem," as the narrator, the boy, reunites with his lover, "you," and pledges to stay with her no matter what, even overcoming the pains of the lethal poison spreading through the body. The boy realizes that nothing in the world lasts forever, and what he can do is giving the best shot at love.

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